Air Fund register of non-labeled domestic appliances

The purpose of this register of space heating appliances is to list the non Flamme Verte space heating appliances that are eligible for Fonds Air Bois (The register is published on the ADEME website). Space heating appliances that are neither Flamme Verte nor in the register will not be eligible for Fonds Air Bois.

The Fonds Air Bois are financial aids to support the renewal of non-performing individual heating appliances in a French territory, supported by ADEME and local authorities. It is composed of :

  • A financial aid to an individual who replaces an open, closed or polluting old boiler with an independent appliance or an efficient wood boiler
  • Actions to raise awareness among individuals and wood professionals about practices to reduce emissions to indoor and outdoor air

The subsidized projects are exemplary (state and local government aid). They allow us to anticipate the European Ecodesign regulation that will be applied in 2022 for space heating appliances and boilers.

Fonds Air Bois are local actions that last an average of 4 years. The list of territories (link to list) included in this scheme is evolutionary, you will have more informations by going here .

CRITT BOIS has been commissioned to update the register (mission letter ADEME).

How to integrate the database of space heating appliances and boilers eligible for Fonds Air Bois and which are not Flamme Verte :

  • Complete the document request-analysis-register download or make a request for a model(s) of appliance to Mrs ROUGIE by email : with the number of initial test reports to be analyzed and the appliance names that are linked to each report.
  • The CRITT Bois sends an email to the manufacturer specifying the parts to be supplied to decide whether the model is eligible or not.
  • Upon receipt of all the requested documents, the CRITT Bois checks the data and validates the conformity or not to the requirements of the Fonds Air Bois. The manufacturer is informed whether or not its products comply with the Fonds Air Bois by email.
  • If the appliance does not meet any of the thresholds or on of the requirements then it is ineligible. The manufacturer is informed and the appliance remains ineligible until proven otherwise by submitting a new test report or providing the missing documents.

The response time on the conformity or not of the space heating appliance is 10 working days maximum (excluding holiday) from the date of receipt by the Critt Bois of all the documents.

The data entered in the register are the values mentioned in your DOP. If the last one does not contain all the information, then the report will be used for the publication of the register.

The CRITT Bois establishes a work order (purchase order). The analysis work will only be engaged if the work order is returned signed.
Documents to be provided :

  • Report(s)
  • DOP of models to be recorded on the register
  • If the request is from a reseller, need to send a letter from the manufacturer authorizing the reseller to record the appliances in the register

The CRITT Bois is entitled to request additional documents and other information necessary for the proper analysis of the file.

At the beginning of the operation, the costs of the analysis of the first 50 test reports are borne by the ADEME within the limit of 4 reports per manufacturer.

Beyond this limit, costs are charged to the manufacturer :

  • 250€ HT per ITT report (a report can concern several models, all of them will be integrated into the register)
  • 120€ HT per control report
  • A price decreasing is applied in case of grouped sending of ITT reports to be analyzed :
    • 200€ HT/report up to 3 reports
    • Between 3 and 8 reports: 185 € HT / report
    • Beyond 8 reports: 170 € HT / report

A test report is established for a fireplace. The fireplace can be used for several models. The cost is per fireplace (either on a test basis). The register lists all the models mentioned in the report.

In the case of a new model placed on the market using a fireplace that is already in the register: provide the CRITT Bois with the DoP corresponding to the model. The cost of adding this model is included in the analysis rate of the initial report.

To find out the price that will be applied to you, request a quote to :

The controls

Manufacturers must prove the quality of their products with an initial type testing report for each unit and a control report for a product of each range (logs, pellets).

From the initial type testing report, compliance with :

  • Requirement 1: Contents of test reports
  • Requirement 2: Age of ITT reports
  • Requirement 3: Performance criteria _ application of these criteria to the initial test report

Some reports used as part of the CE marking may refer to previous ITT (Initial Type Testing) reports. If reference to an older ITT report justifies performance and CO, NOx and particulate emissions in the most recent report, the date of the oldest report is considered to be the ITT report date.

From the Control Test report*, compliance with the following criteria is checked :

  • Requirement 1: Content of test reports
  • Requirement 3: Performance criteria _ application of these criteria to the control test PV
  • Requirement 4: Selection of model for control test
  • Requirement 5: Condition for carrying out the control test
  • Requirement 6: performance criteria for control test
  • Requirement 7: Age of Control Report
  • Requirement 8: Content of the DOP

* : does not apply to boilers

The requirements are as follows :

Failure to comply with one of these requirements makes the appliance ineligible, open fireplaces are not eligible.

Requirement 1: Contents of test reports

The test report (ITT or control report) must contain the following informations :

  • Test standard and fuel used, the test report is associated with a fuel. For a model to be displayed in the register with 2 fuels,  the test reports for the 2 fuels in question are required.
  • The unique report number
  • Description of the model tested and its reference
  • Nominal power for test performed
  • Emission of CO, Nox and dust at 13% of O2 for space heanting appliances and 10% of O2 for boilers, as well as the efficiency of the unit at nominal power
  • Date of issue of the report, the date of the test
  • Report must be signed
  • If it is an initial type testing report or a control test or report change…
  • Name and notification number of the laboratory. The laboratory must be notified for the test standard used for the test (or equivalent Cofrac 17025 for boilers).

Requirement 2: Age of ITT report

  • Initial type testing report less than 3 years old

Please note that from January 1, 2021, the initial type testing report must be less than 2 years old. This requirement is retroactive*.

If this requirement is not respected, refer to Requirement 4.

* This means that it will apply to all models on the registry of january 1, 2021.

Requirement 3: Performance criteria to be respected

The criteria in Tables 1 and 2 are respected

Table 1 for space heating appliances

Table 2 for domestic boilers

Requirement 4: Choice of the model to be tested

Carrying out a control test: this test is necessary to maintain a model in the register when its ITT report is more than 3 years old (or 2 years from January 1, 2021).

Caution: All devices whose report is older than the required age are not to be tested.
A test report covers up to 9 other ITT* reports of the same range.

*An ETI report with several power ratings is counted as several ETI reports.

It is up to the manufacturer to draw up the list of reports covered by the control report. Once established, a report can only be removed from this list after 3 years from the control report.

The model to be subjected to the control test must be selected from the list of reports. The selection of the model for the control test is the responsibility of the manufacturer, whereby the test must be carried out primarily on the model with the reported dust emissions :

  • less than 10mg/Nm3 or more than 35mg/Nm3 for wood log appliances
  • less than 10mg/Nm3 or more than 25mg/Nm3 for pellet appliances.

Requirement 5: Conditions for carrying out the control test

Carrying out control tests in accordance with the following instructions :

  • The selected appliance complies with the above instructions
  • The appliance subjected to the control must be identical to the one used for the initial test report: same stove, same standard, same fuel and same power (the power measured during the test must be equal to +/-15% of the declared rated nominal power)
  • Requirement to have a control report for a product of each range (logs, pellets)
  • The testing laboratory must be notified and different from the laboratory that did the initial type testing report
  • The control report must be done for each product range (logs, pellets) and not for each model
  • For ranges (same fuel type) with more than 10 devices, the manufacturer must provide a control report every 10 devices; a device is defined as a set of products that are governed by the same test report
  • The test report must be renewed every 3 years. The test should then be done primarily in a device that has not had a control test
  • Boilers are not subject to the control report requirement

Requirement 6: Performance criteria for the control test

Conformity to tolerances of the deviations (in points) between the declared performance and the ones obtained during the control test.
During the analysis of the control report, the following procedure will be followed :

  • Compliance with Fonds Air Bois thresholds : The results of the test are authoritative; any fireplace whose control test results show results below the requirements of the Fonds Air Bois will render the fireplace ineligible. It will be removed from the register. The company will have to submit a control report on another device in the register.
  • Tolerance thresholds : The Ecodesign directive stipulates that the results of control test reports do not exceed thresholds in relation to the values declared by the manufacturer :

If the control test is compliant and the reported performance is better than the control test, the performance values that will be published in the register will be the most unfavorable (control results). The manufacturer shall provide the updated DOP accordingly.

If the thresholds are exceeded then :

  • Any product that does not respected the thresholds is not eligible. The appliance is removed from the register
  • The company may request additional tests :
    • It can carry out a control report on 3 products of the same model*** as the one controlled.
    • These products will be tested by the same laboratory that carried out the control.
    • The company will send the summary report of the tests of the 3 products to the CRITT Bois. The company will have to explain if the product has undergone modifications to achieve the objective and in so describe the modifications.
    • The tolerance threshold rule will be applied to the average emissions of the 3 products.
    • If the thresholds are still not respected, the product is no longer eligible for the Fonds Air Bois. The product will be kept off the register. The company will have to carry out another check on a model of the register.
  • If the thresholds are respected, the product will reintegrated to the register. The results of this additional control will be published in the register.

*** Model or equivalent model on the list of equivalent products in the manufacturer’s technical documentation.

Requirement 7: Age of the control report

Any control report must be less than 3 years old. Every 3 years of the control report, it will be necessary to make a new control test and provide its report. The appliance tested must be different from the one used for the ITT test and the control test(s) already performed.

Requirement 8 : content of the DOP

The DOP must refer to the standard associated with the appliance category (EN 12815 for stove cookers _ EN 13240 for stoves _ EN 13229…).
If the DOP does not mention certain emissions, then the register will show those mentioned in the ETI report.

Special case in the context of the control test:

If the control test is compliant and the performance of the control test is worse than the performance declared in the DOP based on the ETI, then the performance values ​​that will be published in the register will be the most unfavorable (control results) . The manufacturer must then provide the updated DOP accordingly.

For further information :